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Make Intelligent Candidate Selections with the Directive Communication Interview kit. It can assist you to understand a candidate's real reason for wanting to work in your organization, if their values match your organizations values, if their work style is compatible with your organizations culture, the gratification they will get from their job, and what really motivates them to perform.

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Each Leadership and Organizational Development workshop is founded on the Directive Communication (DC) discipline and is eligible for certification from the American Institute of Business Psychology. Leaders who are certified in DC use this Inspirational Psychology to influence and lead their organizations and groups with superior results.

Customized programs are available with 4-week advanced notice.


DC Leadership and Organizational Development workshops address the psychology of a leader. Aside from traditional leadership skills, DC leadership workshops instill in leaders the ability to influence their working environment and affect culture. Those leaders who have achieved the greatest deeds have not only inspired people to their peak, but have cultivated an environment where their people flourish and inspire others.