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Arthur F. Carmazzi Foundation
For the Academic and Socioeconomic Empowerment of
Teenagers in Asia

Aim of the Foundation

To provide a greater insight to teens that may have underestimated their abilities and their potential contribution to society. There are many reasons why young adults find themselves with little confidence or beliefs that prevent them from achieving greater heights in their lives. They could be victims of education streaming where they may be inadvertently taught that if they cannot score out of “Normal Tech”, that they are domed in their carrier and that are not intelligent. Or, they could be affected by parents that have not been taught good parenting skills or were abusive.

There are many reasons why young adults lose their way while searching for their identity. The aim of the foundation is to work with these teen and willing parents to establish a more empowering environment that will lead to greater and more fulfilled lives, and to provide this service for Free to economically challenged families.

Area of Work

Youth and family education and personal development

Target Group

The primary groups we work with are teens who have been, or are in an environment that erodes their confidence and potential ability to achieve academically and socially. The secondary group will be the parents of these teen and pre-teens.

The Foundation will work closely with educational and charitable institutions, as well as non-government organizations to identify teens and families that would benefit from Foundations activities. These activities include but are not limited to special workshops, seminars and camps to help teenagers realize their greater potential for themselves and what life has to offer. Also in the creation distribution of products help teens implements their learning on a consistent and regular basis.

We develop training strategies and programs to help bring out the innate potential within in teenagers (and educate their families to do the same) that have not had a privileged life. Our programmes develop the ability for teens to gain a practical understanding of their identity and how to become the person they wish to become. Much of this is accomplished through the use and application of the Directive Communication Methodology.

The core of the foundation rests upon the objective of developing a world community alive with passionate and socially responsible young adults that will not only take command of their own destiny, but make a difference the lives of others. Programs meet objectives through fun games that incorporate psychological methods of nurturing self awareness, love and communication.

Past Work

The Arthur F. Carmazzi Foundation has worked with United Nations Development Programme, China, Singapore’s Ministry of Education, The Salvation Army (Singapore) and numerous other social conscious organizations such as Mission Possible, an initiative targeted towards aiding youth development.